In big cities, there are plenty of options when it comes to special diets, including veganism. Tampa is not exception. There are several GREAT vegan restaurants in the Tampa Bay area, but I’m here to tell you my favorites.

#4 Soho Juice Co.

Don’t get me wrong, Soho Juice Co does what they do very well. Their acai bowls and smoothies are really good, however, there isn’t much variety here. Acai bowls don’t keep me full so they can seem like a waste of money, considering they are around $10 a bowl here.

They also have multiple locations, which makes it easier to get and more convenient.Let’s be honest, these bowls are so aesthetically pleasing, which makes them worth it in itself.

#3 Loving Hut

I have only eaten here once, but it was delicious. I had the tofu buffalo wings and I had never had something that mimicked real buffalo wings so well. The wings were nice and crispy and the sauce was perfectly spicy and tangy. When I get back down to Florida, I am for sure trying Loving Hut again.

#2 Fresh Kitchen

There is so much I could say about Fresh Kitchen. It is like a healthy version of Chipotle, where you pick a base, protein, veggies, and a sauce. You can opt for more of any of them as well, so if you want all of the veggies they have, you can do so! I LOVE their mushrooms and brussel sprouts and their creamy sriracha sauce! Surprisingly, their tofu is really good even though it is served cold, which is something I never thought I would like. Fresh Kitchen has locations across Tampa Bay and other cities as well.

#1 Dixie Dharma

This restaurant is based in Orlando, but has a popup in Armature Works along the Tampa Riverwalk. Dixie Dharma was the first place I ever found vegan mac n cheese that I actually liked. They have a variety of southern comfort food that is 100% vegan, from brussel sprouts, greens, and boiled peanuts, to a vegan BLT (called a TLT for Tempeh), chili dogs, and barbecue pulled jackfruit. Dixie Dharma is definitely my favorite restaurant in Tampa, which makes me wish they had a stand alone location rather than just the popup at Armature Works.

So there are my favorite vegan restaurants in Tampa! I know there are so many out there that I haven’t tried yet, but I am excited to try more when I get back to Florida in August. Be ready for some awesome food reviews coming up then.

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Have you tried any of these restaurants? Do you have a favorite vegan restaurant that I didn’t mention? Leave a comment down below to let me know!