What We Know About the New Ship

Name: Disney Treasure

Class: Triton

Theme: Adventure

Sail date: 2024

Grand Hall Statue: Aladdin, Jasmine, and Carpet (D’amaro specified that Carpet is, in fact, a character)

Photo courtesy of WDW Magic

Yesterday, during the Parks & Experiences Panel at the 2022 D23 Expo, Josh D’amaro revealed TONS of new details about the next DCL (Disney Cruise Line) ship and I don’t know about you but I am LOVING it. Back in 2017, Disney announced that they would be imagineering and building 3 new ships to join the current fleet of 4. In July of this year, DCL sent its fifth ship, the Disney Wish, on its maiden voyage. Not to brag, but I was among its passengers (;  The Disney Treasure is set to sail its maiden voyage sometime in 2024. 

Photo courtesy of WDW Magic

The Grand Hall of this ship looks to be pretty similar to that of the Wish, but it seems they have added more blues and golds as was common on the Magic and Dream classes of ships. The imagineers are drawing inspiration from Asia, Africa, and the far off land of Agrabah for the design so I’m very excited to see how these influences continue throughout the rest of the ship, as the previous ships have had more of a contemporary art deco influence. 

Changes to the Fleet

Now when a new ship joins the fleet, it causes a ripple effect of where the ships are “stationed” because of the contract DCL has with Port Canaveral. The 2 newest ships in the fleet have to remain sailing out of PC. This means that when the Treasure begins its voyages, the Fantasy will no longer call PC home, at least not permanently. 

Currently the ships are “stationed” as follows: Magic in Galveston, TX (winter) and Europe (summer), Wonder in San Diego, CA (winter) and Vancouver, BC (summer), Dream in Miami, FL, and the Fantasy and Wish both in PC year-round. BUT when the Treasure joins the fleet, the Wonder will be making its way to… (drum roll please) AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND!!!

To add more exciting news to the mix, Josh D’amaro hinted at the repositioning voyage of this ship to hold ports of call such as Fiji and Samoa! This sounds like a DREAM to me! With the Wonder leaving the West coast, they will likely send the Dream or Fantasy over to take its place. 

New Island

If you’re anything like me, your favorite part of any Disney cruise is probably Castaway Cay. This laid-back, Bahamian retreat is always the highlight of my trip. I love to get off of the ship and still be able to see my favorite characters (and crew members, too) as well as walk up for some ice cream and french fries without worrying about paying for anything! 

Photo courtesy of WDW News Today

The last bit of DCL news Josh gave us was the confirmation and an initial look at concept art for the cruise line’s new PRIVATE ISLAND! This new port of call is on the Bahamian island of Eleuthra and will be known as Lighthouse Point. Disney wants to bring a lot more Bahamian influence to this island, which I think is great! When you visit Castaway Cay, you’re technically in the Bahamas but it doesn’t really feel like it. It seems that they don’t want this to be the case with this second private port of call. 

Photo courtesy of WDW News Today

Photo courtesy of WDW News Today

So those are all of the details that have been revealed about the sixth DCL ship! Thanks for reading! If you haven’t done so already, subscribe below to be notified when I post a new article.

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