Well hey there friend! It’s so nice to have you here (: I’m Lizzi May and I’m 22 years old. I’m currently living out my PNW dream for a few months in Portland, Oregon. I love all things yellow, Disney, traveling, outdoors, just happy adventurous vibes all around! I also have been practicing a plant-based lifestyle since 2019 and love it!

Born and raised in Des Moines, IA, as soon as I graduated college I had to get out of the cornfields and small towns. I moved to central Florida and completed my undergrad degree (Bachelor in Social Work) at Southeastern University (Go Fire!). For my last semester, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Quito, Ecuador for 4 months. During this time, I hiked volcanoes, learned A LOT of Spanish, tried amazing new foods, and even got to travel to Machu Picchu and the Galapagos! 

My love for Disney began… man I don’t even know. I’ve loved Disney for as long as I can remember. My first trip to a Disney park, however, was in 2010 to the Magic Kingdom, and the rest is history! JK. But honestly, from there, my whole family was hooked and we started doing Disney trips at least once a year. 

In 2013, we went on our first Disney cruise. I have now been on 7 Disney cruises, encompassing all 5 of the current ships, including the maiden voyage on the Disney Wish. I’ve been to Disneyland a couple of times but will definitely be making my way down the coast soon for another trip!

Thanks to that first Disney cruise, I was also hooked on traveling. At the present moment I have been to 35 states and 19 countries. My motto is “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my bucket list”. I want to experience all of the amazing, beautiful, awe-inspiring, other-worldly-looking, crazy things that this great big beautiful planet has to offer. There’s nothing better to me than seeing an experience on social media and then getting to experience it for myself. I crave that. Come along with me if you do too!